AerNow and Ericsson Collaborate in Transforming Motorsports Coverage

AerNow and Ericsson pic
AerNow and Ericsson

When he was still in college, Sean Southland studied and earned a graduate degree in exercise and wellness at Arizona State University. Sean Southland used that degree to open Performance Research Sciences in 2005. At present, he is the CEO and president of TrinityTEK Racing Development, a motorsports management and sales service.

AerNow, a technology and digital media company, has announced its collaboration with Ericsson, a telecommunications equipment and services company, in order to transform how motorsports, eSports, and the entertainment industry are covered through real-time data and video over 5G.

Covering motorsports is known to be difficult, especially for live-event streaming. This partnership is expected to simplify the processes involved in covering these types of events. AerNow and Ericsson are set to demonstrate how 5G could affect motorsports experiences for its spectators at the 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Darcy Lorincz, CTO of AerNow, announced that they are pleased to team up with Ericsson in innovating and contributing to the world of motorsports and eSports, as well as in helping their customers and partners in engaging a new audience.