About Sean Southland

Dr. Sean Southland is the founder of Performance Research Sciences, a company concentrating on neurobiological research and its use in the development of proprietary technologies and methods for improving health and wellness. Southland has received several degrees and certifications beginning with an electrical engineering technical degree, AS in Administration with honors from Saddleback College, Master Fitness Trainer, Certified Sports Performance Nutritionist, Life Coach, he has completed a pre-law, pre-med health professions program at ASU where he was a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Honors Society and received his BS in Administration. He continued his education by receiving a Masters and a PhD in Bio Sciences and a Master’s and Doctorate in Business Administration. Dr. Southland is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and has also received several certifications in emergency response services, healthcare and has finished several years of medical externships and clinical work. Dr. Southland’s past work experience includes serving in the armed forces, law enforcement, fire safety, accounting, entrepreneurship, entertainment industry, small business ownership, intellectual property, bioenergetics and athletics. Beyond his education and employment he has received his pilot’s license and has raced karts, motocross and production cars. He currently holds an open competition pro-license with NASA, ASA and SCCA. As a research scientist he has been involved in athletic performance, professional healthcare and research sciences for over 25years. Southland has also worked on several government projects including SIDS, the Genome Project and the Compendium of Physical Activities including, elite athletic peak performance, health and wellness, quality of life and bioenergetics. As if Dr. Southland is not doing enough he is currently taking a break from another graduate degree through Arizona State University School of Health Profession’s interdisciplinary Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness Program, Dr. Sean Southland also maintains membership in the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB)and the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR). His work with Performance Research Sciences is currently concerned with the implementation of the Advanced Simulation Therapy (AST) Matrix, a performance, rehabilitation and recovery protocol for injured athletes that emphasizes a neurophysiological approach to quantitative measurements for player performance.

Implementation of AST methods for the improvement of health is also central to Southland’s work with the IDEA Foundation. This non-profit organization, of which Dr. Southland is the president and co-founder, seeks to offer non-invasive, alternative therapies to individuals suffering from any number of neurological disorders.

Outside of his work in neurological research, Southland is also involved in motorsport management and training. He is CEO and president of TrinityTEK Racing Development and administrator of the International DriverX Elite Academy. Additionally, he serves as general manager of TrinityTEK Advanced Simulation, the only reseller licensed in the United States by UK manufacturer Vesaro to offer its modular race car simulators.


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