IDEA Foundation – Focus on ASD and Racing Therapy

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IDEA Foundation

With a decades-long background in race-car driving, Sean Southland guides TrinityTEK Racing Development and is the founder of Performance Research Sciences. His professional experience spans health care and athletic performance, as well as research sciences. Sean Southland additionally serves as administrator of the IDEA Foundation, where focuses include improving quality of life for children with autism spectrum disorders.

The foundation effectively ties motor sports events and road racing with efforts against autism that span charitable venues in the private and public spheres. Among the organization’s current goals are advanced simulation therapy sessions that reach as many as three dozen children on a weekly basis. Sessions include real-time balancing and brainwave optimization, with neuroscience and motor sports technology tied together in ways that offer new diagnostic and therapeutic potential.

The IDEA Foundation’s unique focus on motor sports events and road racing provides opportunities for children to develop life skills within a supportive setting. Among the sustained benefits of the program is that children connect proactively with role models and mentors.