Tips for Parents of Autistic Children

Autistic Children pic
Autistic Children

Sean Southland, formerly of Performance Research Sciences, is the CEO and president of TrinityTEK Racing Development. Outside of work, Sean Southland has been involved in numerous autism awareness campaigns, such as the Race to Impact Autism One Child at a Time, held by TrinityTEK in 2013.

A child’s diagnosis of autism can often leave parents struggling to adjust to the challenges presented to them. Here are some basic tips.

1. Take time for you.
This personal time is crucial to the well-being of a parent of a child with autism, particularly those caring for children at the higher end of the spectrum. Take advantage of any chance you have to indulge in the activities you love, be it going to the gym or simply watching television.

2. Communicate.
You may find it difficult to gain your child’s attention when you need to communicate. Alert the child to your intentions by using his or her name to start the conversation. Do not ask a question or give instructions until your child is looking in your direction, else you may find your child unintentionally ignores you.

3. Realize that some things don’t work.
You will receive advice from many different sources and you shouldn’t fear experimentation. However, also accept that what may work for one parent may not work for you. Aim to see every failure as a learning experience.