Benefits of ISNR Membership

International Society for Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR)

A seasoned business executive, Sean Southland served as the health & wellness director of Performance Research Sciences (PRS) for seven years. Still interested in helping to further neuroscience research, Sean Southland maintains membership in the International Society for Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR), one of the world’s leading collectives of neuroscience professionals. ISNR members receive an array of benefits. These include:

1. Free inclusion in the annual member’s directory.

2. Discounted rates on a variety of ISNR resources, including conferences, workshops, and DVDs.

3. ISNR voting rights, which ensure that the collective membership decides upon the policies and focus of the organization.

4. Access to several opt-in email bulletins that provide current news and information relating to the neuroscience profession.

5. Free access to the ISN Annual Conference videos from 2008 through 2011. Collectively, these videos represent more than 100 hours of education and have a value in excess of $2,000.