IDEA Foundation Pursues Brain Wave Research

 IDEA Foundation pic
IDEA Foundation

CEO of TrinityTEK Racing Development Sean Southland has spent nearly three decades building a career as a scientific researcher and health care professional. Particularly interested in improving quality of life for those who have neurological conditions, Sean Southland serves as co-founder and president of the IDEA Foundation.

Since its inception, the IDEA Foundation has maintained a dedication to making a difference in the lives of people diagnosed with autism, as well as a wide spectrum of other neurological conditions. The foundation fulfills its mission by supporting the research of innovative therapy processes such as brain mapping.

Using quantitative electroencephalograph (QEEG) technology, the IDEA Foundation has pursued the study of brain waves in patients who experience neurological disorders. QEEG devices provide accurate maps of the frequencies and distribution of waves inside the brain. Different types of waves can help researchers determine which condition a patient may be experiencing. For example, those with attention deficit disorder (ADD) typically exhibit high activity of delta frequency waves and low activity of alpha waves. Recognizing that patients need a balance of all the various types of brain waves, the IDEA Foundation has used its research to develop such innovative therapies as a combination of EEG, interactive tasking systems, and biofeedback technology.