The Correlation between Autism and High Intelligence

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Autism and High Intelligence

Sean Southland, a performance researcher and entrepreneur, has long had an interest in helping children and adults improve their physical and mental well-being. He co-founded the IDEA Foundation as a means of helping young people with autism and other neurological conditions to make positive changes in their lives. The IDEA team continues to base its work on investigative foundations that Sean Southland originally established.

Recent research has challenged the traditional view that children with autism are developmentally disabled and unable to function fully in society. While children with autism tend to score poorly on standard intelligence tests based on verbal fluency, they often do well or even excel on tests geared toward pattern recognition and visual reasoning. Thus, many researchers advance the theory that autism, at least for those at the higher end of the spectrum, is associated with a special type of intelligence.

Physicians and family members have noted that some young people with autism display a keen ability to detect numerical and spatial anomalies, giving them insights into projects that people without autism may lack.

And, say some neuroscientists, tests have demonstrated a high level of correlation between intelligence and the risk factors for autism. These researchers say that autism may confer a fine-grained intelligence in certain specific areas, rather than the all-around type of intelligence that is more common and easily identified.


AerNow and Ericsson Collaborate in Transforming Motorsports Coverage

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AerNow and Ericsson

When he was still in college, Sean Southland studied and earned a graduate degree in exercise and wellness at Arizona State University. Sean Southland used that degree to open Performance Research Sciences in 2005. At present, he is the CEO and president of TrinityTEK Racing Development, a motorsports management and sales service.

AerNow, a technology and digital media company, has announced its collaboration with Ericsson, a telecommunications equipment and services company, in order to transform how motorsports, eSports, and the entertainment industry are covered through real-time data and video over 5G.

Covering motorsports is known to be difficult, especially for live-event streaming. This partnership is expected to simplify the processes involved in covering these types of events. AerNow and Ericsson are set to demonstrate how 5G could affect motorsports experiences for its spectators at the 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Darcy Lorincz, CTO of AerNow, announced that they are pleased to team up with Ericsson in innovating and contributing to the world of motorsports and eSports, as well as in helping their customers and partners in engaging a new audience.

The Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Autism Spectrum

With a doctorate in business administration, Sean Southland is an experienced entrepreneur who founded the neurobiological research company Performance Research Sciences. Also a committed philanthropist, Dr. Sean Southland has a strong interest in therapy and life skills development for children with Autism spectrum disorders and co-founded the IDEA Foundation, which aims to help such children.

A spectrum of serious neuro-developmental disorders, the autism spectrum consists of disorders that affect the ability to communicate and interact socially. The word spectrum is used along with autism to recognize the range of impairments and issues that can arise due to the disorder. The autism spectrum is now considered a single disorder by the American Psychiatric Association and includes three disorders within it.

Also known as high intelligence autism, Asperger’s syndrome is the mildest form of autism and causes the individual to be obsessed with a single subject while showing social impairment otherwise. The majority of autism cases fall into Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), which is more severe than Asperger’s. PDD includes a range of conditions and impairments but usually has a later onset than the other types of autism.

Lastly, autistic disorder is the most severe, including serious social and communication issues and sometimes including intellectual disabilities and seizures. For additional information on the types of autism, visit

IDEA Foundation Pursues Brain Wave Research

quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG)


CEO of TrinityTEK Racing Development Sean Southland has spent nearly three decades building a career as a scientific researcher and health care professional. Particularly interested in improving quality of life for those who have neurological conditions, Sean Southland serves as co-founder and president of the IDEA Foundation.

Since its inception, the IDEA Foundation has maintained a dedication to making a difference in the lives of people diagnosed with autism, as well as a wide spectrum of other neurological conditions. The foundation fulfills its mission by supporting the research of innovative therapy processes such as brain mapping.

Using quantitative electroencephalograph (QEEG) technology, the IDEA Foundation has pursued the study of brain waves in patients who experience neurological disorders. QEEG devices provide accurate maps of the frequencies and distribution of waves inside the brain. Different types of waves can help researchers determine which condition a patient may be experiencing. For example, those with attention deficit disorder (ADD) typically exhibit high activity of delta frequency waves and low activity of alpha waves. Recognizing that patients need a balance of all the various types of brain waves, the IDEA Foundation has used its research to develop such innovative therapies as a combination of EEG, interactive tasking systems, and biofeedback technology.