What is Neurofeedback?


Dr. Sean Southland is a diversified and established professional with nearly three decades of experience in sports science, motorsport management, philanthropy, and research science. Dr. Southland currently serves as CEO and president of Performance Research Sciences and TrinityTEK Racing Development. Holding a doctorate in business administration, Sean Southland also possesses certifications in specialties such as biofeedback, quantitative electro encephalography, and Neurofeedback.

Biofeedback, which is the method of obtaining information by monitoring body conditions such as blood pressure, heart rate and muscle movement. However, with the help of specialized equipment and training, Neurofeedback uses information provided by the brain such as blood flow, and electrical activity in the brain.

Also referred to as neuro therapy or Neurobiofeedback, Neurofeedback is often used along with computers and electronic monitoring devices to monitor brain waves and the degree to which they are operating effectively. This information can then be applied to numerous neurological applications, such as athletic performance, treating disorders, and many others.